intuitive, EVIDENTIAL medium, SOUL COACH

Michelle Armstrong is a gifted Empath, Psychic, Medical Intuitive and profound Spiritual Medium with a unique ability to pass on messages from the Other Side that help people to heal and understand themselves better, and navigate more powerfully through their lives.

Michelle is also a Best-selling Author, a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, certified Fitness Trainer, Mindset Expert, and the founder of Soul Talk.  She has appeared on numerous radio and television shows across Canada and the United States and spoken to thousands worldwide. 

Born with a heightened spiritual and psychic awareness, Michelle's sixth-sense abilities developed over the course of her life.  Then in 2014 Michelle experienced a major shift in ability when she began regularly channeling the souls of departed loved ones and receiving profound and often healing messages for people she had never met.

A published writer, university educated counselor and life coach with qualifications in counseling and communications, metaphysics, psychology, bioenergetics, health and fitness, and energy healing, Michelle has almost 20 years experience working in various capacities with professional athletes, television personalities, senior executives, professional actors, musicians, entrepreneurs, and respected public figures.

When Michelle isn't giving readings or engaging in some sort of new fitness craze, she loves spending time at the beach and connecting with her friends and family.  Her greatest love is her son.


Since 2008 Michelle has been instrumental in educating the health and fitness industry about the intimate connection between the mind and body and has spoken at the CanFitPro World Fitness Conferences in Toronto and the annual Good Life Fitness summits.

Michelle was drawn to fitness when pregnant with her son and is passionate about empowering women in particular to live healthier lives so their souls can thrive and they can be the women they want to be.

Keen to help as many women as possible, Michelle launched an online fitness business and wrote the book TRANSFORM - Reclaim your Body and Life from the Inside out which focuses on the psychology, spirituality and mindset of health and fitness.

Michelle is a board certified holistic health practitioner, yoga instructor, certified personal trainer and fitness personality.  She has been featured on TVCOGECO and Breakfast Television, and been published numerous times in a variety of different health and fitness magazines. 




During her presentations and keynotes, Michelle shares what she has learned over the years as a mindset expert, life and health coach, and reveals the spiritual life lessons she has gleaned from her work as a Psychic Medium and her own life experiences..

Michelle has has been on the international speakers circuit since 2002 and has spoken to audiences in New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the United States.  Some of her clients include Coca Cola, American Cancer Society, Canadian Fitness Professionals and Good Life Fitness. She is funny, heartfelt, brazen and captivating, and her messages linger long after hearing her speak.

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