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Did you know that one in five Americans believe in reincarnation? That leaves a lot more of us who have serious questions about the validity of past life experiences.

Meet Edgar Cayce, now also known as “The Sleeping Prophet” ...

Edgar Cayce is the person that introduced the idea to Americans through his writings and readings, which he started at the turn of the 20th century. Thousands of readings were transcribed, which means there is a record of everything he shared and prescribed. About 20 years after he started doing medical and health readings for clients, he started tapping into past lives with some being verified.

Research supports that reincarnation is a part of the human experience. Canadian-American psychiatrist, Ian Stevenson, investigated the experiences of 1000s of children for over four decades. Not surprisingly, at least not to me, some of these memories have been verified. Another well-known psychiatrist, Brian Weiss, M.D. has verified numerous reportings and in his book: Many Lives, Many Masters shares amazing stories. When people express doubts about reincarnation to Dr. Weiss, he tells them to consider cases of xenoglossy. This is when people can fluently speak and understand languages they have never spoken before. 

There’s more research out there that shows us that past experiences, specifically traumatic ones, like having a chronic illness, being abandoned and experiencing sexual abuse can be the cause of illness, whether emotional or physical. There’s also research to support that if you do become aware of these past traumas, on a conscious level, you can heal yourself.

The truth is, you were not born a blank slate. We all carry memories from our past lives into this life that are stored in our unconscious.  These memories carry an energetic charge that continues to affect us.  Once you accept that this is not your first rodeo, your life improves on all levels. 

—Christine Northrup, M.D.

Similar to Dr. Northrup, I believe that just by accessing past life memories you can help yourself heal on many levels. And, not only that, but I also guarantee it can help you overcome challenges in your current life.

How would it benefit me?

Here are just a few ways having a past life regression might help you:

1.   Discover hidden talents and skills.

2.   Rid yourself of fear and anxiety.

3.   Discover reasons for physical afflictions or disease.

4.   Provide clarity about relationships you are experiencing.

How do I get a past life regression experience? 

1.   One way is by paying attention to your dreams and meditations. During the times you are in an alpha or theta state, you can make it an intention and very likely will invite in experiences.

2.   You can also have a trained therapist help you. During these sessions, the therapist will use hypnosis to help you relax and tap into deeper sources of information you hold about yourself and soul. 

Consider past life regression sessions or therapy if you have unresolved issues, long-standing irrational fears, chronic illness (especially if a cause can’t be determined), repeat the same relationship issues or are repelled by someone, location or object. It really can help you and I highly recommend it!