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Small Group Readings are an intimate and loving space for Michelle to pass on messages from the Other Side to the living.  Group Readings are perfect for groups of friends and family members who are hoping to hear from the same person, but are also perfect for anyone wanting a reading within a group setting.    

During Small Group Readings which last up to two hours, Michelle will share profound, healing and evidential messages from your loved ones in heaven.

Group Readings are held at various hotel locations throughout the world when Michelle is traveling, and at her private office in Naples, Florida.

Groups consist of 6-8 people.  The cost is $USD75 per person. 


  • Group Reading to last up to 2 hours.
  • Every participant will receive a reading.
  • The opportunity to gain wisdom and learning from other people's readings.
  • A supportive, intimate and respectful space.
  • A brief overview about how Michelle works as a Medium and how she connects to your loved ones.
  • How to develop your own intuition and mediumistic abilities to connect with your loved ones without a Medium if you wish to do so.


To participate in a group reading CLICK HERE for upcoming dates and times.


It is normal to be uncertain, nervous or anxious before a reading.  Especially if you have never seen a Medium before or experienced a mediumship reading.  There is however nothing to be anxious or fearful about.  Mediumship is a very natural and healing uplifting experience when dealing with a professional, experienced and compassionate Medium.  To get the most from your reading experience, the following is highly recommended:

  • Surrender all expectations as best you can and come to your reading with an open heart and mind.  
  • Bring a notepad and a pen to make notes.
  • Gather as much biographical information as you can about your loved ones in heaven.  Birthdates, marriages, key life events, anniversaries etc.
  • Make list of the areas in your life you are seeking clarity.  For instance, health, career, finances, family etc.
  • Invite your loved ones in Spirit to give you messages via Michelle on the date of your reading.  Send loving thoughts to your loved ones.  Tell them to come through with specifics - to be loud and clear.

Keep in mind that Michelle doesn't summon Spirits and cannot guarantee that the soul in heaven you wish to speak to will come through in your reading.  It is up to the Soul's free will and discretion as to whether they chose to come forward.  What gets shared is also up to your loved ones and not Michelle.  Our loved ones have their own agenda and often know what is to be shared for your highest good and intention.